Kim G. S. Řyhus

I am a data scientist,
physicist. and programmer, from NTH (NTNU).

Résumé. This is my old C.V. which is also available in Norwegian, and a longer one as a PDF file.


My world records:

  • 2016: Simplest multiplicator for 3 bits. It uses only 39 NAND gates. (4 bits: 86 NAND gates)
  • 2014: Sharpest sound camera. Numerical aperture of 1.
  • 2010: Most powerful typo corrector.
  • 2001: Fastest cryptography for phones. Specifically RSA for ARM7 processors. 50% faster than fastest competitor.

    Stuff I do and did:


    Blind Sonar Face shield. 3D-printed and comfortable

    Even though it is made from hard PETG plastic, one size fits all comfortably.
    My inventions here are springs that make its head band very stretchy, and softly places pads on the forehead.
    (Put on the net 2020, beginning of "pandemic".)

    Blind Sonar Sonar for the blind

    It helps blind people to hear the shapes around them.
    Some can use echolocation to "see" with sound.
    My invention makes it possible for those with less of a talent for that.
    (Put on the net 2018-11-6. Made a year before?)

    dimension Simplest multiplication circuit

    This is electronics that can be used in computers, phones, etc.
    There is no simpler design than mine here,
    for 3*3 bit in and 6 bit out.
    (Put on the net 2018-9-19. Made early 2016)

    Circuit programming competitions where I compete and win. 2018
    World class difficulty for these at Stack Exchange:

    Build a multiplying machine using NAND logic gates. Solved at 39 NANDs against 48 at 5 years. Win.
    Build a 4-vertex Connectedness Tester using NANDs. Solved at 19 NANDs against 30 at 2:8 years. Win.
    Drive a hexadecimal 7-segment display using NANDs. Solved at 30 NANDs against 37 at 4 years. Win.
    Build an EBCDIC converter using NANDs. Leading at 309 NANDs against 727 at 4:6 years. Win or leading.
    Densely packed decimal (DPD) to decimal. NANDs. Solved at 39 NANDs against 58 at 0:1 years. Win.
    Build a bit-counting comparator using NANDs. Leading at ??? NANDs against 169 at 4:8 years. Unpublished.
    Build a 2-way ULP using NANDs. Solved at 11 NANDs against 11 at 4:8 years. Verified the winner.
    Build an adding machine using NANDs. Solved at 31 NANDs against 31 at 4:9 years. Verified the winner.

    untube Super Strong Design

    It bears a heavy man of 125 Kg and is made from just 58 grams of ordinary weak PLA plastic.
    My design is the secret. It spreads the forces very well.
    It is 3D printed with my experimental slicer which is extra smooth.

    (Put on the net 2018-8-8)

    Silent xsRobot Silent Motor Drive

    These are the electronics and the motor, working together silently.
    (Put here 2017.12.4)

    Silent xsRobot Silent Robot No.2

    Bigger and lighter than my first design.
    (Put here 2017.5.1)

    Silent xsRobot Silent Robot

    I built this robot and made it silent and smooth by using cybernetics and digital signal processing.
    (Put here 2014.10.27)

    YouTube video Fiddle, self built.

    I made this green fiddle mostly from 3D printed bioplastic. The design is from Hovalin. Koka Nikoladze plays it well.
    Made 2016.

    YouTube video 3D printer, self built.

    And it works quite well now. I can make plastic parts of quite hight quality on this machine, provided I wait. Or I can make them fast and sloppy. It is a Delta printer, which means that the pen writing with melted plastic is moved by diagonal rods of carbon fiber, which are light, strong, and fast, but tricky mathematically.
    Made 2015.

    dimension Fastest Phone Cryptography.

    Specifically for the ARM processor, which is used in phones.
    50% faster than best competitor.
    I also tell a little how I did this.
    Made 2001. Put on the net 2016-2-24

    The Sound Camera Entries

    dimension Sound Camera v.6.

    This is a prototype for imaging turbulence noise.
    It does its job, and what you see are the tornado shaped sounds from a very small tornado from a fan.
    Made spring 2018. Put on the net 2014-11-30

    dimension Sound Camera v.2.

    I used sound instead of light to take this picture of a clothes hanger. This is the second acoustic camera I designed and built, and it has a much better objective than my first one.
    It seems to be the highest resolution sound camera on the net.
    Made spring 2014. Put on the net 2014-7-7

    dimension Sound Camera.

    I used sound instead of light to take this picture of my electric guitar, with my self designed acoustic camera.
    Made spring 2012, but put on the net 2013-11-11

    dimension Sound Wave Video.

    Animation of a sound field, taken with my self designed sound camera.
    Made spring 2012, but put on the net 2013-11-11

    The Memory Entries

    dimension My Best Patent.

    My very self made patent. It got accepted by the European Patent Office. Making it correctly and arguing logically with patent officers was a lot of hard work.
    It was for making cheap big memories, for Opticom.
    Made in 2006, but put on the net 2014-2-14

    Memory Thin film memories.

    My patented method for producing very large memories cheaply and efficiently, using thin film.

    SubLCD Bigger flash memories

    I can put one bit extra per cell in flash memories, thus increasing their capacity by about 30%
    (Put here 2009.2.16)


    BadRAM for FreeBSD

    A program to make computers avoid the bad parts of bad RAM. It is quite new, so it has not been tested much yet. It might actually work.
    (Put here 2012-12-16)

    Block size
    of flash

    Block size of flash

    How I measured the block size of some flash memory. It was 8 kB.
    (Put here 2006-6-19)

    The Market Research Entries

    Radar Market segmentation test

    I found four distinct segments when searching through data not meant for finding segments.
    (Put here 2012-9-20)

    Accelerated Market Research Accelerated research

    I found this method of accelerating research. It's used for marketing.
    (Put here 2011-07-04)

    The Java Physics Entries

    Radar A radar simulation, in Java

    It calculates the reflections and transmissions of radar waves.
    YouTube if you lack Java. (Put here 2012-6-11)

    Java waves Waves in a disc, in Java

    Posted here because it is beautiful.
    You Tube if you lack Java. (Put here 2012-06-05)

    Vortex flow Complex flow, in Java

    Fluid mechanical simulation of chaotic vortices.
    YouTube if you lack Java. (Put here 2010.02.01)

    Vortex flow Vortex flow, in Java

    Fluid mechanical simulation of a vortex standing in the wind.
    YouTube if you lack Java. (Put here 2010.01.20)

    Java waves Waves, in Java
    A physically correct wave simulation, in Java. It has low numerical and real dispersion.
    YouTube if you lack Java.
    A falling drop of water
    Simulated in Java.
    You Tube if you lack Java. (Put here 2006.1.3. But fixed for newer Java versions of 2010.01.15)

    The Quantum Physics Entries

    2D Schrödinger wave function pair Quantum pairing, in Java

    The spontaneous crystallization into bound 2-particle states.
    Same simulator as below, except the fermions are now attractive, and the distribution starts as totally random.
    YouTube if you lack Java. (Put here 2010.01.17)

    2D Schrödinger wave function Quantum mechanical simulation of 2 particles, in Java

    The Schrödinger wave equation, in Java. It is fast, stable, unitary, and pretty. The pictures are used in the article below.
    YouTube if you lack Java. (Put here 2010.01.13)

    2D probability function Explaining the Many-Worlds interpretation of Quantum Physics

    With pretty pictures.
    A tale of how, through mental visualization of multi dimensional wave functions, I understood this as a student.
    (Put here 2010.01.05)

    double complex
    Quantum Physics For Programmers

    Instead of using formulas, I use short programs to illustrate Quantum Mechanics for programmers.
    (Put here 2009.12.31)

    Other Stuff

    dimension 3D printing.

    3D printing of my model of the icosian group.
    On an Ultimaker, 2013-6-24
    On a Stratasys, 2007-12-6

    Thesis Dodecahedral packing.

    What happens if one packs dodecahedrons tightly?
    The space must be curved. Either parabolic or hyperbolic.
    Parabolic packing gives the icosian group, in the picture.

    MuscleMon blog Muscle Monitor

    An iPhone app that monitors vibrations from muscles. Works quite well.
    (Put here 2012-09-16)

    App Store


    My blog:

    This blog has existed for a while, and has a few interesting posts. I guess more will come.
    (Put here 2012-01-15)

    cochlear Cochlear simulator

    The human inner ear separates sounds into tones, sort of.
    I simulate that. I also simulate some further processing in the brain.
    (Put here 2011-03-03)

    FIND SIMilar find similar

    My very powerful search engine.
    When given faulty misspelled terms, it will find the entries that match probabilistically.
    This instance searches among names of music albums, tracks, and authors.
    (Put here 2010-11-10)

    Correlation is Evidence of Causation Correlation is Evidence of Causation.

    A simple proof that correlation is evidence of causation.
    (Put here 2010-9-19)

    Fingerprint crypto key Fingerprint crypto key

    I found several ways of using fingerprints as cryptographic keys.
    (Put here 2010.09.17)

    TheBestDithering The Best Dithering

    Řyhus Dithering No.9 with just the 8 binary colours, and is apparently the worlds best dithering. The picture is of me.
    (Put here 2010.06.05)

    SubLCD SubLCD

    A method for doubling the resolution horizontally on LCD screens and similar. Nice for headsets. It is simple, good, elegant, and not patented.

    Kim Hanggliding I used to fly:

    This is also me, flying a hangglider, which is dangerous, difficult, but most of all, a lot of bother, since 70% of trips are flightless, and 80% of flights are just glides to the ground, and there are a lot of elitist pressure from the organization. But the few hours high in the air are fantastic, but not enough to make up for all the bother, if it wasn't for the fact that I like going on tours with my car and view beautiful landscapes. So I sold my wing after flying for 7 years.

    Spectrogram Spectrogram:

    This is a spectrogram of me first whispering "aaaiii" and then saying it normally, and then with higher pitches.
    It is a sharper variant of my thesis of 1993. The time axis is horizontal to the right, about 10 seconds, and the vertical axis is the pitch, which is 9KHz at the top. (Put here 2006-11-4)

    SunValve My Sun Valve

    I invented this Sun Valve, which are panels that can switch between being transparent and retroreflective, and are easy to make and cheap to produce. They can also be used for solar heating and cooling, as well as heat isolation.
    It was my entry for Googles Project 10š°° competition, sent as a 30 second YouTube video.
    This longer YouTube video explains it better.

    Solar sail Light solar sail.

    Unpatented and about 100 times lighter. Put here 2008.4.18.

    Othello Statistical Othello (web GUI)

    It works by statistical and probabilistic methods. It uses statistics from billions of games to estimate a model, and the model to estimate the best move. The program calculates all 64 squares in parallell, using bit boards.
    Put here 2006-03-29. It has become much stronger since then.
    2010-07-12: Under reconstruction, as it is now using the new minimax method I invented in my sabbatical. Extremely promising. When the math one needs no longer can be found in books or on the net, yet is relatively straight forward, it is a sign that one is in unplowed land, mathematically.

    Absence of evidence Absence of evidence is evidence of absence.

    A proof that the lack of evidence for a claim is evidence that the claim is false. Version of 2007-04-14
    There is also an older version from an old Usenet article, also in Norwegian, from 2004-8-17.

    Fixing codes Code fixing.

    Correcting human errors and similar in codes.

    PentaputLCD Pentaput

    This is a single stroke writing method for phones, PDAs, notepads, etc. Every characher is just one straight line to draw, and it is very tolerant of drawing errors. The image should be extra sharp when viewed on a typical LCD.
    (Available on the iphone as of 2010-04. Put here 2006-03-29)
    App Store
    Blog is here.
    User guide is here.

    Couple of bi-graphs Why sequential is good.

    When complex systems are simplified, they get sequential. So one might as well admit that sequential programs, datastructures, and similar are best. A good argument for avoiding overdone object orienting, call-backs, etc. Put here 2007-06-03

    PentaputLCD Optimal 256 colour palette.

    A description of my optimal general 8 bit palette. Put here 2002.1.18.

    My and my monitors Xinerama:

    This is me, and my 6 monitor screen, which worked in Linux, FreeBSD and WindowsMe. I finally threw them away, since they used so much current that they often blew the house fuses and aborted the server. I considered replacing them with 6 LCD screens.
    ( Thrown away 2007-8-29 )

    Thesis Hewlett Packard A1097C monitor.

    How to make this nice 19'' monosync monitor work.
    And yes, I had 3 of them in the picture above.
    Put here 2001.10.26.

    Selection Selection.

    A very simple demonstration of how the impossible can be achieved through Evolution.
    (Put here 2004.7.14.)

    Thesis Thesis.

    This is my graduate master thesis. It's about analyzing sound spectrally and cheaply.

    Force feedback mouse Logging of difficult USB

    How I managed to sniff a difficult old USB device which only worked in old Windows-98, with the help of virtualization under Linux.
    (Put here 2009.2.16)

  • OpenSUSE 11.2 review
    Avoid! It has become bad.

    (Put here 2009.11.17)
    Update 2009.12.17:
    Fedora 12 seems to work fine.

  • My blog
    Yet another blog, but this one is mine.
    (Superfluous, since this black page has always been a kind of blog.)

  • Currency simulation.
    Uses statistical ensembles and probability calculations. Unfinished, but promising. Also in Norwegian. Put here 2006-03-29

  • Justice. My view on (American) Justice, and how to fix it. Put here 2003.9.2.

    Thesis "The end of time"

    by Julian Barbour. Criticized by me.
    Put here 2002.3.26.

    QX3 microscope Linux microscope.

    How I managed to get the "Intel Play QX3 USB" microscope to work under Linux.
    Put here 2002.6.11.

  • High resolution on Suse 10.3 with Intel 915G:
    How I got 1600x1200 resolution on openSUSE 10.3 Linux with the intel 915G graphics chip.
    Put here 2008-01-07

  • Octave on SuSE 10.1, how?
    How I got Octave to work on SuSE 10.1.
    Sufficiently tricky that I thought others would need this help.
    Put here 2006-10-05

  • Repartitioning.
    How I repartitioned a 19GB portable by shrinking WindowsMe, moving Linux, and reinstalling Windows2000.
    Put here 2002.1.25.

    Sphere spheres Spheres on spheres.

    Old project, but put here 2001.3.14. Enjoy!

    Sphere spheres Sphere spheres
    Sphere spheres
    Old projects.

    Things that I did, and were willing to exhibit on the net.

  • Friends. My personal friends on the Net..

  • Links. Some of my personal links.

    I used to read Scientific American, but now prefer a real scientific magazine, Science. I can recommend Discover for the more popularized stuff.

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    "Perhaps seven small black spaceships can become one big white one? -
    Perhaps I would like something to drink? -
    Yes, that seems more likely."

    - The Ruler of the Galaxy, in the original The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, a radioplay, by the BBC radiophonic workshop

    It's not the strongest nor most intelligent of the species that survive; it is the one most adaptable to change.

    Charles Darwin, p.111

    The price of reliability is the pursuit of the utmost simplicity. It is a price which the very rich find most hard to pay."

    Sir Antony Hoare, 1980

    Very simple ideas lie within the reach only of complex minds.
    Thinking is hard work. One can't bear burdens and ideas at the same time.

    Remy de Gourmont

    True dissent doesn't feel like going to school wearing black;
    it feels like going to school wearing a clown suit.

    Eliezer Yudkowsky, 2008

    Supposedly smart people are weirdly ignorant of Bayes Rule.

    William B Vogt, 2010

    "Source code has only 2 purposes: Being understandable by humans, and by machines."

    Kim Řyhus, Mar 2003

    "Guardian syndrome morality does not allow innovation except by elite leaders."

    Stone Glasgow, Mar 2012

    "I have a personal relationship with Reality."

    Christina Rad, Mar 2012

    "Every single day I see code where people obsess over the wrong thing. They'll spend all their energy on making some crazy over-designed type hierarchy work or on fitting into some methodology or they throw themselves at the mercy of some framework they think will magically fix the fact that they have no idea what the code really does."

    Bjorn Borud, 2012

    "But I've never seen the Icarus story as a lesson about the limitations of humans. I see it as a lesson about the limitations of wax as an adhesive."

    Randall Munroe, Jan 2013