Market Segmentation Test

Is it possible to find market segments in data that were not meant for segmentation?

Yes, it is, for me.
Some deep statistical analysis, and I found four market segments. The data were just amounts of customer response. The analysis looks for real segments and avoids false segments, which is stuff that looks like segments but are not.

As can be seen, there are four point clouds, each corresponding to a clear market segment.

The four segments found were:
Analytical people getting it for free. Analytical people paying for it.
Emotional greedy people getting it for free. Emotional greedy people paying for it.

In other words, the segmentation was done along two axes:
1. Paying versus getting it for free.
2. Analytical people versus emotional greedy people.

The segments did not have to be these. There were lots of other possibilities that were tested, but these were clearly the best. The grouping of emotional and greedy people was a surprise to me. That being analytical was opposed to being greedy, was something I suspected.

So, my method works. If interested, contact me! or phone to: +47 9001 4425.

By Kim yhus (C) 2012.9.20