Admissibility of Justice

In order to keep a justice system in good working condition, avoiding wrong and random judgements, I suggest that judgements should be evaluated according to the following 5 factors. People versed in justice, such as lawyers, which I am not, will probably recognize these 5 points as a mirror of the Daubert vs. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc, case in America.

My point is, that when the justice system is much more stringent against science than it is against itself, it is sick. Or to express this another way: When lawyers can successfully get accused people free with the argument that a chance of 1/1000000 of innocence is enough, while at the same time the number of innocent people in jails are 1-10%, reason has left the court. So, to fix that, put science into the justice system. 2003.9.2

Any comment?